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digital signage made easy

affordable - reliable - easy to install - easy to use

The digital signage player is a plug & play, easy to use, cloud-based digital signage system. Simply connect the player to the HDMI port of your TV, connect the player to the internet, and fully manage the player through the web-interface. Choose from 50+ standard screen layouts, and create your playlists.

All standard picture of movie formats are supported. Simple text inputs or predefined templates support an easy publishing of information. In addition, choose default contents from the marketplace, such as international news, education or entertainment contents. Each content in your playlist can be restricted to location, time, weekdays or certain dates.

Restaurants and Shops

Restaurants can show time and date-based offerings, such as for example breakfast sets or happy hour deals, or distribute coupons for special deals without the need of buying additional hardware. Simply use our integrated coupon management system.


With our integrated survey management system, hotels can easily create customer satisfaction reviews, and run analytics over the results.


our platform allows a fast and easy integration of 3rd party data. Such data could be for example workflow visualizations, burn-down charts, financial charts or corporate data. Contact us for guidance on the integration of such data.

Fitness Studios

With our calendar integration, use your screen to display the fitness classes

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